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Sharp’s PentagonTM

You are not into the business of sales. You are into the business of customer acquisition. While everyone can do sales, creating customers is an art that requires a lot of skill that is not possible for everyone to do.

The Sharp PentagonTM has five components S-P-A-R-K. It stands for S – Sensory, P – Promote, A – Action, R – Response and K – Knowing. The first three S, P and A are in your control. The last two R and K are not in your control.

To make the customer purchase your product you can create packaging, marketing, sales and distribution. Once the product is picked up by the customer, your influence is over. The problem is that most of the company focus on this aspect, very less or no one is looking at the aspect of what will happen after the customer takes the product home. The fate of the company is now at the hand of the customer. Everything now depends on the interaction between the product and the customer.