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Sharp’s Map Tap AdaptTM

Running a business is not a 100 meter race. It’s a marathon. You have to run a long distance and your success will depend on what strategies you implement while running the path.

Downfall of most companies happens because they ignore or give less importance to mapping. Whereas according to SCICOTM – it is actually the most critical one. Companies have all the money to build factories, create products, design packaging but when it comes to mapping they are short of funds. Others take the much easier route by taking data from leading research companies in India.

Mapping is a science on its own. SCICOTM has devised tools that help companies to work the hard way, put dirt in their hands and see the market more clearly. It is a very practical, thoughtful and organised process. Map Tap AdaptTM is more of a ‘mindful thinking’, backed up with data that has a lot of involvement with the consumer. It lays down the path on which the business will follow.