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This is what we love to do.

Our Forte

While there are many things that SCICOTM can do but we believe what a specialist can do others cannot. We aim to be known as specialist in the FMCG sector.

There are three types of companies that can look at gaining immensely from our expertise –

  1. The companies that want to launch their products. We help them with the entire pre-launch planning.
  2. The companies that have launched but have not been able to create an impact.
  3. The companies that want to restructure their business operations to bring in robust changes.

Since we have extensively consulted and worked in the market for our clients, we have a better understanding on how to build up businesses. We have carefully crafted two business model than can help your business gather the right DIRECTION and the right MOMENTUM

Sharp’s Map Tap Adapt

It is recommended that business should never be done on a basis of hunch or assumption and hope that it will click.

Sharp’s Pentagon

It is based on a simple phenomenon – there are something’s that are in your control and there are something’s that are not in your control.

Sharp Sales Soultions

Sharp has worked with several companies and it has found one thing common in most of them.