Sharp Consulting and Implementation company, believes in launching brands and taking them on the path that leads to success.

SCICO® has successfully launched the brand Granules n Beans. Right from formulation of strategy, to getting the team on board and then helping the team to perform has been ably managed by SCICO®. The recall of the brand is high and it has been able to make a significant presence in the targeted category; both in offline as well as online.


Seven Skies Corporation approached SCICO® with a thought that they wanted to diversify into FMCG business. Their ideas were converted in a business plan. By following a step by step approach and adhering to all the norms, the brand is now ready to see the light of the day. Another success in the making.

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SCICO® laid down the go the market strategy for Tiny Spoons. It covered all the details of how the market should be approached for a niche segment. The complexity of the project lied in the fact that “the consumer of this product was not the decision maker.”

Tiny Spoons

After being launched, the company faced some bottlenecks in the managing their distribution. They approached SCICO®, who then tackled their business challenge in a very structured way. The analysis presented by SCICO, helped the company in taking corrective actions.


When we were approached by Primo Foods, the business was in a disarray. SCICO® not only organised the business but also optimized it by making each of the team members accountable for delivery.

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