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Sharp Consulting and Implementation, believes in launching brands and taking them on the path that leads to success.


🏆 SCICO launched the sachet business of Granules n Beans. In three years, it was able to take the brand at a level where it is running on its own.

🏆 SCICO a professional consultant was able to devise, implement and adapt strategies, which helped the brand to exceed customer expectations.

🏆 SCICO’s work at Primo Foods involved restructuring the sales team. SCICO got into the details and helped the company in optimizing it.

🏆 At Funduz Food and Beverage, we were approached to address the problem of distribution. SCICO laid down the ideal distribution model for the product. 

🏆 A recent project included crafting the Go To Market strategy for Tiny Spoons. It included benchmarking, competitor analysis, manpower planning, making the reporting structure, it helped them in getting its root strengthened, before they move ahead with a full fledged launch.