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Who We Are

A company who can make things a little easier for you. While it has come to us by learning it the hard way, it has helped us in gaining experience. When we are working with you, we can help you solve complicated challenges by giving you a solution from our mind bank. We are not afraid to tell the truth and that is why we are able to take tough calls. Map Tap Adapt, Sharp Pentagon and Sharp Sales Solution have been perfectly crafted for – giving more meaning to your business.

We are an FMCG specialist helping you with all the pre-launch, launch, post-launch and business restructuring process.


3 effective marketing tools developed by SCICO

1. Sharp’s Map Tap Adapt

Helps in creating the path that leads you to your goal.

2. Sharp’s Pentagon

Helps in creating a secured business that can bear any test of time.

3. Sharp's Sales Solutions

Business suffer from not being structured. Sharp Sales Solution helps smooth running of business.

Founder Director - SCICO

Vijay Sokhi

A dependable person who believes that the first prerequisite for any business is being true to yourself.

  • Proven track record of turning around businesses.
  • Has the ability to take bold decisions.
  • Believes in implementation. Therefore comes with practical solution.
  • Has the ability to bring in a strategy that is completely different.




Jitendra Khokle

I have worked closely with Vijay Sokhi when he oversaw the launch of a premiere range of beverages for one of our clients.. His depth of understanding of retail dynamics and consumer behavior, and his ability to focus on micro details impressed me. Vijay thrives on getting his hands dirty and drives his team with equal military precision. He is bold while planning strategy, and meticulous in implementing them.His experience, knowledge and professionalism can be invaluable to any brand that wishes to launch or enhance market share. Above all, Vijay has an unshakable work ethic that makes him dependable and trustworthy.

Business Director, DIADEIS IMEA

Sumit Roy

Vijay Sokhi of SCICO has an exceptional talent for designing operating systems that engineer customer delight. His "Map, Tap and Adapt" approach is quite unique to the world of using data to the brand's, the retailers', and the customer's benefit. Your go-to person for "win-win-win" solutions in retail.

Founder Director, UNIVBRANDS

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