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We are a fearless company. For most the people the number ‘0’ is a nightmare, for a few it is a source of inspiration & the start of a journey.

Vijay Sokhi, who leads the company, is a person with a braveheart. In his endeavor to create brands he left an established company like HUL and started working with new brands such Typhoo that entered India in the year 2007. He worked for the company from scratch. Today Typhoo is the one of the leading tea bag brand in the speciality category in the country. (


We treat your business as our own child. We understand how much effort is required in bringing a product to life. We help the child grow, inculcate beliefs and values, till the time it is established and runs on its own. You may get many people who could do this job, but when you look for someone who takes ownership, your search stops at SHARP.

An organization is formed of various divisions – Human Resource, Finance, Marketing, Logistics, Legal, sales and so on. Each of them is an integral part and has its own importance but it is only sales that bring cash to business whether you sell products, services or space.