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In India, 30,000 products are launched every year, in approximately 12 million stores. About 98% of businesses in the retail industry happens through traditional channels (GT). The modern trade (MT) only contributes a meager 2%. Although MT is small it is growing at a faster rate than a traditional retail business, there are only a handful of players who control the majority of this organized trade. Which route should you start with traditional or modern? Could the online business also be a part of the launch? This and so many other questions have to be answered correctly to come to the perfect launch plan.

That is where you need the help of a market-entry expert. We take away, the pain that companies usually face when deciding which market to enter. It at times becomes quite frustrating to get into micro details and even after doing everything there is a sense of incompleteness. While you focus on other aspects of business, please leave this task to us. Fact driven and goal-oriented, we provide pragmatic solutions and navigate our clients in the right direction.

On the other hand, some businesses are trying to meet operational excellence. They have been running successfully, but the feeling that something is missing leaves a gap. Achieving excellence in business is one of our fortes. We provide a solution that can ensure that there are proper check-points at the necessary stages to reduce risk. At the same time, unnecessary hindrance to work is also taken out. We believe that business should give peace of mind, which can happen only when you know that you have put everything in the right place.

Keeping in view this unfulfilled need we have a service called – Sharp Sales Solutions. Without disturbing the current business set-up we can bring about changes that will bring operational excellence. If changes are required the same will be discussed and implemented.

3 effective marketing tools developed by SCICO

1. Sharp’s Map Tap Adapt

Your road to success. This helps in creating the correct go-to-market strategy.

2. Sharp’s SPARK

This tool is your one-stop solution for customer acquisition as well as retention.

3. Sharp's Sales Solutions

Looking for Business Turnaround and revitalization? Look no further, Connect with us NOW!

Founder Director - SCICO

Vijay Sokhi

A FMCG business launch expert, Vijay has 20 years of vast experience in established as well as establishing brands such as HUL, Typhoo and Vegit.
As a consultant, he advises and supports implementation in the companies that want to launch, re-launch or revamp their business in India.

Vijay believes that the only prerequisite for any business to succeed is to “stay true to itself”. He is the ‘Saarthi’ that you need to reach all your brand goals.

  • Proven track record of turning around businesses.
  • Believes in implementation. Therefore comes with practical solution.
  • Devises tailored strategies to help achieve goals.



Jitendra Khokle

I have worked closely with Vijay Sokhi when he oversaw the launch of a premiere range of beverages for one of our clients.. His depth of understanding of retail dynamics and consumer behavior, and his ability to focus on micro details impressed me. Vijay thrives on getting his hands dirty and drives his team with equal military precision. He is bold while planning strategy, and meticulous in implementing them.His experience, knowledge and professionalism can be invaluable to any brand that wishes to launch or enhance market share. Above all, Vijay has an unshakable work ethic that makes him dependable and trustworthy.

Business Director, DIADEIS IMEA

Sumit Roy

Vijay Sokhi of SCICO has an exceptional talent for designing operating systems that engineer customer delight. His “Map, Tap and Adapt” approach is quite unique to the world of using data to the brand’s, the retailers’, and the customer’s benefit. Your go-to person for “win-win-win” solutions in retail.

Founder Director, UNIVBRANDS

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